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Show of Support for Urban Community Development department, March 7th 2009

event1In 2009 when an attempt was made to splitting up of the Urban Community Development (UCD) cell within the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Pune witnessed a revolution to oppose it by the urban poor. MASHAL using its social workers were able to mobilize the entire battalion of over 2,500 Resident Community Volunteers (RCVs) to voice their support of UCD and its operations.

Their resilience and stories were shared at a public event organized on March 7, 2009. It was a gratifying and a moving experience to see such a large number of poor women come together to voice their support towards UCD. This was for no benefit or returns and at their own cost and time.

The event ended with a candle light pledge taken by the women to stand behind UCD and proclaim their opposition to all those who are trying to destabilize UCD. As a result, UCD continues its service delivery.


Sampoorna Zoppadpatti Punarvasan Parishad

sampurnMashal organized a two day event along with SRA, PMC, Yashada and INHAF to facilitate a dialogue between the various stakeholders. The event titled “Reaching Policies, Programs and Projects to people: Improving Participation, Communication, Reach and Performance of the Development Effort for the City Slums” was directed towards Sampoorna Zoppaddpatti Punarvasan ( comprehensive improvement of city slums ) and designed to explore possibility to creating/strengthening a people’s forum called Sampoorna Zoppaddpatti Punarvasan Parishad, over a period of time .