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In May 2012, MASHAL began implementing the Slum Improvement Program in six urban slum communities of Pune. The Program seeks to create meaningfully improvement in the living environments and incomes of the residents in these slums, home to 12,550 people. The program focuses on Education, Livelihood, women empowerment and Infrastructure development in slums.
Improve Access to Formal and Non-Formal Education and Vocational Training. We have initiated classes for students age 6-15 that need tutoring support to improve their school performance. In the first year, 98 students attended classes and 48 showed improvement at the end of the year. In this year 133 are enrolled for the classes. For the older youth drop-outs, age 16 to 22, we are helping 104 attend tutoring classes to prepare them to pass the 10th grade exams. Several of these youth have appeared for their exams and cleared the exams. The vocational training classes are conducted for youths.
Create home-based business opportunities. Women from Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the six communities have started new income-generating activities, 76 women are involved. They have started business such as Paper bowl making, Floor cleaner making, Seasonal foods, and setting up a Shop.
Improve public infrastructure and municipal services. We have been improving public infrastructure and services in the six slums by mobilizing government institutions and residents through our “micro-planning” process. Through this process we have completed more than 30 projects.
We have established Urban Resource Centers (URC) in four slums with the local government to improve information and access to government services for slum residents. A total of 1964 residents have accessed the URC services and 423 individuals have benefited by opening bank accounts, Adahar Card, Pan Card, Ration Card, Cooking Gas Connection and getting Birth Certificate. A workshop was conducted with the PMC appointed coordinators of the URCs, to share the information file with them, it got a good response.